ABC Type Fire Extinguisher

This ABC Type Fire Extinguisher is available in ABC powder, compelled with dry nitrogen gas. ABC powder is the most flexible and highly effective agents appropriate for contending fires involving wood, inflammable liquids, gases, and electrical wiring.

DCP Type Fire Extinguisher

We are one of the renowned manufactures and suppliers of optimum quality Dry Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguisher. This is extensively used to controls B and C class accidental fires in various offices, hospitals, homes and other residential & commercial places. Further, this extinguisher confronts three dimensional or running fires involving inflammable liquids like petrol, paints solvents and industrial gases. It is available in the capacity of 1 kg to 75 kg at industry leading prices

CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

The CO2 gas is known for the quick and efficient flame reducing properties. Thus, this makes our CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher ideal for confronting fires involving inflammables liquids like petrol, oil, paints, solvents and industrial gases. It is available in the capacity of 2 kg to 45 kg.

Mechanical Type Fire Extinguisher

We are engaged in dealing with Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers which are used in handling dangerous fires that are classified into C type. We procure this products from trusted and reputed vendors to assure only flawless products are delivered to the customers. These products are user friendly and highly efficient in case of major fire hazards. We also undertake bulk orders and deliver them timely to meet the necessity of the customers

Water CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher

Water Type Fire Extinguisher is best suited for contending fires related to conventional materials like paper, cloth, wood, juts and rubber. It instantly cools down along with quenching effects. Clients can avail this Fire Extinguisher of cartridge type in capacity of 9 lts and 50 lts.

Modular Type Fire Extinguisher

We offer excellent quality Modular Type Extinguishers which are highly useful in General Occupancies & Storage Areas like : Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids & Gases, Chemicals, Grain Mill Products, Solids Fuels, Records, Libraries, Museums, Showrooms, Shops, Offices, Residential premises, Workshop, Garages, Paint Booths, Theater, Radio Rooms TV Stations etc. These products are highly reliable in the case of accidents